The Villa Pacita Community is a unique vision of Guam's housing market. Our communty and our homes are designed to celebrate life's fine living, with the vibrant tropical elements of strong sun, wind and rain, and at the same time providing a degree of comfort and shelter from these elements that no other community on Guam has ever had.

Villa Pacita Estates combines the best of outdoor Tropical Living with the 21st century technology of modern American Living. Villa Pacita Estates is nestled on the western side of Mt. Santa Rosa on ninety pristine acres, which has been architecturally terraced to deliver stunning sunset views.

The landscape is filled with lush tropical fruits like the intensely fragrant citrus calamansi, the magical healing Noni tree, Mango, Banana, Coconut, Papaya, and sweet Pineapple. The tropical flowers like Hibiscus, Plumeria, Frangipani, Wild Orchids, and Red Gingerm that are abundant, plentiful, and everywhere.

The Lifestyle

Building communities one family at a time...

This is tropical Island Living with all of the luxuries that demanding homeowners expect. The Villa Pacita Estates Community is safe, serene, and secure. Villa Pacita Estates sets the standard of Housing and Community development now and for years, far into the future - and our homeowners association will work with our members to ensure that our community maintains a level of safety, security and tropical beauty - unrivaled in the Western Pacific.

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