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Simon Sanchez High School
Saint Paul Christian School
F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School
Daniel L. Perez Elementary
Upi Elementary
Dominican Catholic School

Our Lady of Lourdes
Yigo First Assembly of God
St. Paul's

Payless Supermarket
Designer's Direct
Bank of Guam
Mark's Hardware
Domino's Pizza

About Yigo

The largest village in the northernmost part of the island, Yigo, has an area of 35 square miles. Yigo got its name from the word "yugu" which is the frame over the neck of a carabao or local water buffalo, harnessed to a cart. Aptly named, Yigo used to be very rich farming land prior to World War II. Its soil suppored the growth of pineapples, oranges, cocoa, tangerines, and coffee. Because cocoa would grow in Yigo, the village made delectable chocolates, which were then served to guests of the Governor's Palace in the capitol of Hagatna.

Rich in history, there was a concentration camp in Yigo during the Japanese occupation. It is also where the last battle of Guam took place during World War II before the island was liberated by the United States in 1944. As a testament to those who lost their lives, the Battle of Yigo Monument was erected. To have a better feel of what happened back then, you can visit the South Pacific War Memorial. Here you can see several artifacts found on the Mt. Mataguac battlefield, visit the sinkhole where the Japanese troops were killed, and see the Queen of Peace shrine.

A large part of the village is home to Andersen Air Force Base, making Yigo real estate a popular choice for those in the U.S. Air Force or civilians in support roles as it is close to work. Besides having the Air Base, Yigo is host to the Guam Observatory and nearby Starts Guam Golf Resort. There are also several schools in the village including the Dominican Catholic School, Saint Paul Christian School, Yigo Elementary School, FB Leon Guerrero Middle School and Simon Sanchez High School. Be sure to see useful links to most of these schools in our Guam links section under 'Guam Schools' or view useful statistics in the National Center for Educational Stats (NCES) for all Guam schools.

Yigo is still very green and there is a lot of open land ideal for development in the next few years. Lots of Ifil trees can be found on the landscape and the Plumeria, the vllage flower, adds color to the municipality.

Yigo is mostly rural in nature and residential. Real estate is primarily single-family homes with some townhomes and condominiums. There is also an abundance of retail and commercial buildings fronting the main highways.

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